Yellow Splitch

Yellow Splitch at Fête des Lumières, Lyon 2008

An installation done with the groups Dånk! and Metipolis

Yellow Splitch is an installation for public spaces, featuring an intricate and life-like interaction between visual and sonic elements. The installation consists of thousands of plastic cups suspended in the air and filled with a fluorescent solution. The liquid in the cups is illuminated with black light, and perceived as glowing dots. Loudspeakers situated across the space convey a constantly evolving soundscape, and through a tight coupling between sound and light the glowing points become sources of both color and tone.

Been shown at:

Konstpaus, Gothenburg, 2011
Flow Festival, Helsinki 2009
Fête des Lumières, Lyon 2008

Below photos from the installation at Bazarbron, Gothenburg 2011.

More photos: Flickr photo set by Florian Guidetti