Åbo-Turku Sound Dialogue

Every day sounds and silences from Turku

Sound workshop, four channel sound installation and performance

During November 21-29 2009 I invited people living in Turku, Finland to collect their everyday sounds and silences. During that time 21 persons were participating with the restriction that they were only allowed to record sounds from their side of Aura river, which is the river that runs through the centre of Turku. The participants borrowed sound recording equipment from me. I also asked every one of them to record at least one space they consider being silent.

The result is a big collection of sounds and silences from both sides of Aura river which was played in a four channel installation at Gallery Titanik in Turku in December 2009 as part of the Sonic Sunrises group exhibition.

Some of the sounds were also used during the opening of the exhbition in an open sound battle performance between the different sides of Aura river.

The sounds in the collection are of very different nature. Some are recordings of spaces and some recordings of specific sounding objects. Many of the sounds reveals pieces of the collectors everyday life.

I had a dialogue with each one participating in the project about their sounds and silences. There was a lot to talk about since obviously sound play an important part in our lives and there is a lot to listen to if you just start to listen.  We also also discussed silence. A shared experience was that it was difficult to find silent spaces. Especially when trying to capture the silence with sound recording equipment.

The collection of sounds and silences are available in the library of Gallery Titanik.

Map with spots where sound has been collected for this project.