I am a fine artist and musician based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Contact: richard.widerberg at gmail dot com

Curriculum Vitae

Past shows

Performing at Verkligheten, Umeå, Sweden
Performing at Rökridån, Stockholm, Sweden
Performing at 24kvm artist space, Gothenburg, Sweden

Performing at Schmiede, Hallein, Austria
The Harmony Group @ Skogen, Gothenburg
Electromagnetic Ecology, installation, Clandestino festival, Gothenburg
The Norbert Wiener Memorial Feedback Orchestra @ Göteborgs Konsthall
The Norbert Wiener memorial feedback orchestra at GEIGER feb~fest 2015

The Norbert Wiener memorial feedback orchestra at Trollsejd och mörkermakt
Silence, noise and collapse @ Skogen, Gothenburg
Trapped in a loop @ Party Paradise – döden i gillestugan
Voices from the waters festival, sound installation
Embodying the unspoken @ Medical history museum Gothenburg
Vara library exhibition room, exhibition of the project Hur låter Vara, Vara, Sweden

pid web gallery, solo exhibition, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg, Sweden
Dopet festival, Ställbergs gruva, performance, Ställberg, Sweden

Planeta Festival, sound composition, Gothenburg, Sweden
Whisper Game, group exhibition Gallery Rotor, Valand Academy, Gothenburg, Sweden
Fröjdeluckan festival, performance and workshop, Fröjdeluckan, Sweden

Julstad Göteborg, Sound and light installation, Bazarbron, Gothenburg, Sweden
Pitch Black Gallery, group exhibition, Turku, Finland
Supermarket art fair, documentation of event at Galleri 54, Stockholm, Sweden
Through the Grapevine, group exhibition, gallery Titanik, Turku, Finland

Äänen Lumo – Festival for new sounds, Performance, Helsinki, Finland
Gothenburg Art Sounds festival, Who owns the city? – Soundscape composition
Musik Direkt riksfestival, Sound installation in pedestrian tunnel, Uddevalla, Sweden
The International Science Festival Gothenburg, public sound walk, Gothenburg Sweden

Sonic Sunrises, group exhibition in Gallery Titanik, Turku, Finland
ISCM-World New Music Days festival, Performance, workshops and installation, Gothenburg
Flow festival, Makasiini space. Yellow Splitch sound and light installation with Dånk! Helsinki
Moving Space festival, Velophonik workshop with Dånk! Copenhagen, Denmark
Fear and gender in public spaces, 1.Shanthiroad Gallery, show, performance and workshop. Bangalore, India

Fête des Lumières, Yellow Splitch light and sound installation with Dånk! Lyon, France
Megapolis festival 2023, Kaupunkiääni soundinstallation. Helsinki, Finland

Pixelache Festival of Electronic Subcultures, Performance. Helsinki, Finland

Ars Electronica Campus Exhibition, Installation and performance. Linz, Austria
Interferenze New Arts Festival, Workshop and performance. San Martino Valle Caudina, Italy
Futuresonic Urban Festival for Art, Music and Ideas, Presentation. Manchester, UK
Digital Art Weeks Symposium, ETH University, Performance. Zurich, Switzerland