Voices from the waters


Last Sunday my new piece for headphones Det du lämnade efter dig was exhibited at KKV Bohuslän in Hamburgsund, Sweden. It is part of the international festival Voices from the waters. The piece will be shown at Sjöfartsmuséet in Gothenburg the coming weekend (November 28-29), also part of the festival. Other works that is shown in the sound art section of the festival are from Annea Lockwood, Bernhard Parmegiani, Chris Watson, Jana Winderen and Helena Persson.

Embodying the unspoken – the experience of medical care, place, memory, movement

Forkroppsligande av det outtalade

An installation based performance by Anna Bergström and Richard Widerberg. On show September 24-26 at the Medical History Museum in Gothenburg.

The piece investigates what’s human in the body of illness and the history of medical care. An embodiment of the unspoken exists in-between the lines of historical medical descriptions and texts as well as within the personal stories. In such a way we meet memories and vibrations present in the spaces within the museum and its objects – as a museum, archive and hospital.

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New collaboration

I am just starting a collaboration with the dancer and coreographer Anna Bergström. We are going to make a performance in an open space in a public health care institution in the Gothenburg region. More info to come.

Hur låter Vara


Right now my project Hur låter Vara- The Sound of Vara – is on show at the library in the town Vara. Vara is a country side town a bit more than an hour drive north east from Gothenburg.

The project has been going on since August 2013 and the exhibition ends the project. I have been working with various groups of various ages in Vara with listening excercises and collecting sound. The groups has been all from school-kids recording sounds from their school yard to farmers on the country side recording sounds from their neighbourhood and old and new tools.


Utställningen lyssning


Varabygdens Simsällskap